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Searching for Commercial Cleaning Companies? Learn How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off!

Before choosing the janitorial cleaning services provider that quoted the lowest price, be sure that you know the kind of company you’re entrusting with your keys and after-hours access to your office building. One such safety measure is to visit the web’s leading consumer watchdog group Ripoff Reports, and enter the company name of the janitorial cleaning services provider that you are considering.

Read on to learn about more safeguards…

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off!

Here are 5 additional key points to consider, BEFORE choosing a commercial cleaning company.

Key Point #1: Price

BUYER BEWARE! Many of the larger franchised janitorial cleaning companies will quote a very low price just to secure your business. But, did you know that most don’t deliver on consistent quality? Many also refuse to offer a refund or customer credit for failing to meet your expectations. Be sure to request a copy of the customer service policy and service guarantee for any cleaning company you are considering.

Key Point #2: Quality

Quality commercial cleaning is more than just dustingemptying trash and mopping. Before you choose a janitorial cleaning services provider, be sure to ask about their commitment to protecting your workplace from cross-contamination. Illness-causing germs can be unknowingly spread through:

  • dirty mop water and mop heads
  • using feather dusters – which simply spreads the fecal matter from dust mites which can trigger severe allergy symptoms.
  • reusing contaminated cleaning cloths and toilet scrubbers
  • using toxic chemicals which emit harmful fumes – like ammonia and bleach

Key Point #3: Services

Okay, you’ve just learned that the big bosses from corporate are visiting tomorrow and you’re majorly panicking. You need the carpets cleaned, the floors buffed to shine, the restrooms immaculate and smelling fresh.

Does the commercial cleaning company you’re considering have the proper professional licenses to offer a full array of janitorial cleaning services like:

  • commercial carpet cleaning
  • floor stripping, waxing and buffing
  • tile and grout cleaning
  • professional window cleaning

Many of the “dirt cheap” janitorial companies are part-time moonlighters. Before going with the lowest quote, make certain that you ask to see a copy of their business license, insurance policy and fidelity bond.

Key Point #4: Training & Certifications

Does the commercial cleaning company you’re considering have the adequate skills, training and certifications to use the safest “green” cleaning products and methods to keep your workplace healthy as well as clean?

In a recent article in the NY Daily News, an over zealous office worker decided to clean out the office fridge, which was full of moldy, half-eaten employee lunches. She proceeded to unplug the fridge, remove all of the rotten food and mix up a concoction of cleaning products from the array of half-used bottles under the kitchen sink. The result, 28 workers became ill from the toxic fumes — with 7 being rushed by ambulance to the hospital.

Unfortunately for the workers of this AT&T building, this is a true story!

Key Point #5: Testimonials

Does the commercial cleaning company you’re considering have testimonials from “real customers”, including contact information so you can check and verify their recommendations? Are these testimonials from other local businesses in your area, or did the franchise company provide you with some out-of-state references?

Clients need to be confident that their facilities are clean, which is the only way they can guarantee the safety of their employees and ensure there are no legal issues.

But, cleaning facilities takes time and effort, so many facilities choose to do it themselves or hire family or staff who are often not qualified or well-trained.

Priority Commercial Cleaning specializes in building cleaning. Businesses know that having a clean building helps them attract potential customers and improve employee retention. We clean bathrooms, kitchens, offices, lobbies, restaurant floors, carpets and everything in between. We also offer training for owners and employees so they can keep their buildings looking great even after we’ve left.

Priority Commercial Cleaning
5109 York Rd Floor 2, Baltimore, MD 21212
(410) 970-6172

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